Who we are


Day-to-day board activities are carried out by Job Degenaar (president) and Wim Jurg (treasurer). Third and fourth office member are dr. René Appel, a writer, professor emeritus and former chair of PEN Netherlands (2010-2014) and Paulien Loerts, general director of Singel Publishers.

The Advisory Board consists of: dr. Eric Lax (USA), Joanne Leedom-Ackerman (USA), Larry Siems (USA), Eugene Schoulgin (Sweden/Turkey), Tienchi Martin-Liao (China/Germany), dr. David Van Reybrouck (Belgium) en dr. Rudolf Geel (Netherlands).


PEN Emergency Fund cooperates with PEN International http://www.pen-international.org/ and PEN Netherlands http://pennederland.nl/

Supported by, among others, Stichting Lira Fonds http://www.lira.nl/lira-fonds

Remuneration policy

The president receives an executive fee of 100 euros per month.

PEN Emergency Fund is supported by: