Who are we

The day by day board is runned by Job Degenaar (president) and Wim Jurg (treasurer). Third and fourth office member are dr. René Appel, a writer, professor emeritus and former chair of PEN Netherlands (2010-2014) and Paulien Loerts, general director of Singel Publishers.

The Advisory Board consists of:

dr. Eric Lax (USA)

Joanne Leedom-Ackerman (USA)

Larry Siems (USA)

Eugene Schoulgin (Sweden/Turkey)

Tienchi Martin-Liao (China/Germany)

dr. David Van Reybrouck (Belgium)

dr. Rudolf Geel (Netherlands)

Remuneration policy

Both members of the Executive Board receive an executive fee of 100 euros per month.

PEN Emergency Fund cooperates with PEN International http://www.pen-international.org/ and PEN Netherlands http://pennederland.nl/

Supported by, among others by: Stichting Democratie en Media https://www.stdem.org/ and Stichting Lira Fonds http://www.lira.nl/lira-fonds

PEN Emergency Fund is supported by: